Communicate with residents, receive applications, post news and announcements, automate meter readings and billing in a convenient web application
DJIN - is a tool for managing a residential complex
Benefits of DJIN
Get all systems from one supplier
With DJIN, all dispatching systems can be obtained from one supplier
Full development cycle
DJIN is a ready-made solution that includes the author's supervision at all development stages
Reduce costs
With DJIN you save on such systems as video surveillance, access control, intercom and dispatching.
DJIN features
Full development cycle
Consulting at the developing the concept of a residential complex stage
Designing of all low-current systems of residential complex
Installation and integration with DJIN system and smart home application
Reducing costs
Simple integration of access control with the DJIN system
Reduction of access control costs due to cooperation with one supplier
Free integration of security video cameras into the DJIN system
Free applications
Web application for residential complex and management company
Free mobile application with developer`s logo for residents
Residents` mobile application personalization using developer`s colors
How to join DJIN
Click the button below, fill out the form and send the information about your residential complex
Our team will get in touch to agree on the details and prepare the necessary documentation
Designing, installation, and integration of building dispatching system with the DJIN mobile application
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