We make the lives of homeowners better by combining intercoms, video cameras, utility bills, reporting and other home management systems into a single online unit
DJIN - your personal concierge service!
DJIN features
Access, intercom and cameras
Open the door using smartphone and provide access to your guests via mobile app
Access video surveillance cameras anytime and anywhere
Answer incoming video intercom calls wherever you are
Notifications, applications and reports
Take part in voting and polls from the comfort of home
Submit complaints and appeals if any problems arise and track progress
Be aware of financial operations of the management company
Smart home
Automate readings of electricity, gas, water and heating meters
Save up to 40% on heating by using home climate control
Get analytical data and optimization recommendations on utilities consumption
How to join DJIN
We add your building to the DJIN app for free and provide 3 months free trial period
After a three-month trial period, we discuss the required application functionality
You get access to the basic DJIN functionality and expand it if necessary
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